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BBC World Questions is heading to Seoul, South Korea on June 14th, to debate the future of a people divided with an audience made up of those at the heart of this story, and to find out what South Koreans themselves think about world events.

The world’s attention is on Korea with the prospect of a summit between North Korea and the USA, what are the feelings of the people with the most at stake? Will recent events lead to a Korean Peninsula without nuclear weapons? Will they bring peace after more than half a century of tension and conflict? This debate comes at a crucial time for knowing what the issues are in Seoul.

Chairing the debate in English at Ewha Womans University in Seoul will be the BBC’s Jonny Dymond. He will be joined by a panel of leading politicians and thinkers to debate questions from the public and to explore whether the peninsular is on the verge of real and lasting peace.

The panel will include:

> Moon Chung-in, Special Advisor to President Moon Jae-in for Foreign Affairs and National Security. Distinguished University Professor of Yonsei University

> Sohn Jie-Ae, Former Bureau Chief for CNN Seoul, currently Invited Professor in International Studies at Ewha Womans University

> Kim Jiyoon, Senior Research Fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies

> General Hwang Jin Ha, Former Chair of the National Defence Committee, National Assembly. Trustee of the Korea America Friendship Society

Mary Hockaday, Controller, BBC World Service English says: “With events in the Korean peninsula currently dominating the international news agenda, this is a truly fascinating time to bring our flagship debate programme to Seoul. Debate is at the core of the BBC World Service, and this is a chance for the audience to put their questions directly to our distinguished panel of politicians and opinion formers and we’re eager to hear what topics they will raise in a debate that will then be heard around the world.”

Martin Fryer, Director Korea, British Council, says: “The possibility of a real thaw in relations between the South and the North, and between North Korea and the US adds a significant dimension to Seoul’s hosting of BBC World Questions. But whilst it’s an issue everyone talks about in South Korea’s dynamic capital there are plenty of other topics concerning its residents. Join us for what promises to be a lively, wide ranging debate at Ewha Womans University to raise an issue that’s important to you, and to listen to the panel’s views on what concerns Seoul’s citizens in 2018.”

BBC World Questions is an English language event, created in partnership with the British Council and will be recorded for radio broadcast worldwide.

BBC World Questions will be recorded in English on June 14 at LG Convention Hall, Ewha Womans University at 6pm.