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RTÉ continues to reach almost 2 million radio listeners (1,980,000) or 51% of the Adult (15+) population tuning in every week.

RTÉ Radio 1 continues to be the only radio station in the country reaching over one million people weekly, with 1,367,000 tuning in. Market share for RTÉ Radio 1 has grown book on book by 0.6pts to 22.6%.

RTÉ 2FM has a weekly reach figure of 823,000/21% of Adults 15+ while market share has remained level at 6.4%. RTÉ lyric fm has increased its listenership with 294,000 listeners on a weekly basis and market share has also increased by 0.2pts to 2%.

RTÉ Radio 1 

RTÉ Radio 1’s weekday market share has now hit 22.6%, with a weekly reach of over 1 Million Listeners.

Morning Ireland, the most listened to radio programme in the country, increases listenership by 12,000 BOB with 441,000 tuning in each morning (+2,000 YOY).

Drivetime increases its listenership by 18,000 BOB, with 229,000 people tuning in every day (+8,000 YOY).

The Marian Finucane Show broadcast to 341,000 listeners every Saturday (-2,000 BOB), while 309,000 tuned in on Sunday mornings (+19,000 BOB).

Liveline with Joe Duffy draws 363,000 listeners Monday to Friday; Liveline is the second most listened to radio programme in the country.

The Ryan Tubridy Show sees increases of 2,000 listeners in this book, bringing his reach to 336,000 (+2,000 BOB).

The Ray D’Arcy Show has increased listenership by 5,000, now with 224,000 (+5,000 BOB).

The Ronan Collins Show has seen gains of 8,000 (+BOB) with 223,000 music lovers tuning in every day (+2,000 YOY).

Saturday Morning Gains

Countrywide – 222,000 (+36,000 BOB, +34,000 YOY)

Playback – 322,000 (+34,000 BOB, 30,000 YOY)

The Business – 315,000 (+14,000 BOB, +15,000 YOY)

Saturday Sport – 197,000 (+15,000 BOB)

As do Sunday mornings,Bowman – 173,000 (+28,000 BOB, +24,000 YOY)

Sunday Miscellany – 262,000 (+33,000 BOB, +23,000 YOY)

Sunday with Miriam – 265,000 (+29,000 BOB, +19,000 YOY)

Sunday Sport – 194,000 (+5,000 BOB, +12,000 YOY)

Tom McGuire, Head of RTÉ Radio 1 has said: “In a week where people around the country are being asked to give their number 1, it is great to see RTÉ Radio 1 enhance its position as the country’s No. 1 radio station.

“The overall performance across the week and in all aspects of our output is brilliant. It is a fitting tribute to the late, great Marian Finucane that both of her weekend shows were in the Top 10 ‘most listened to’ by the nation according to this book.”


RTÉ 2FM has held its weekly reach figure of 21% of adults aged 15+.

2FM Breakfast with Doireann and Eoghan has 142,000 listeners tuning in on weekday mornings (+7,000 BOB).

Jennifer Zamparelli on 2FM has 157,000 listeners, (+1,000 BOB).

Tracy Clifford on 2FM has 134,000 listeners.

Jenny Greene on 2FM has 130,000 listeners.

Dan Healy, Head of RTÉ Radio Strategy and RTÉ 2FM says,“2FM is now six months into the new schedule and there are really positive signs for Breakfast with Doireann & Eoghan with strong growth for younger audiences. 

“ We also embarked upon a new direction at 9am with a three hour talk show with Jennifer  Zamparelli. She now has the biggest 15-34 radio show in the country. In fact 6 of the top ten programmes for this audience or on the station which underpins the fact that 2FM is the biggest 15-34 station in Ireland with a market share of 13.8%. We have also experienced strong advertising support for 2FM in the last year and this result should bolster the confidence clients have in the station.

“ For all of us in 2FM Larry Gogan’s passing has been front and center in our minds today. Larry was on Radio before there was ever a radio audience measurement in Ireland and this survey is the first that he has not been part of. Larry was always the nation’s favourite and his amazing legacy makes all of us want to try harder.”


RTÉ LYRIC FM has increased its listenership to 294,000 listeners, and has amassed a weekday market share of 2% of adults aged 15+.

Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive continues to increase listenership with 50,000 tuning in on weekday afternoons (+2,000 BOB, +11,000 YOY).

Marty in the Morning has 40,000 listeners turning on every morning (+2,000 BOB).

Niall Carroll’s Classical Daytime reaches 34,000 listeners (+4,000 BOB, 7,000 YOY).

Liz Nolan’s The Full Score has 38,000 listeners, increasing both book on book and year on year (+3,000 BOB, +5,000).

The Mystery Train with John Kelly (Sunday) reaches 13,000 (+2,000 BOB), while The Mystery Train with John Kelly (Monday – Thursday) has a weekly reach of 25,000, an increase of 4,000 BOB.

Aodán O’Dubhghaill, Head of RTÉ lyric fm said: “2019 was the year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of RTÉ lyric fm and it is wonderful to see that more listeners are joining us on Ireland’s national music and arts station – where life sounds better.

“Looking at these latest figures, listeners are staying with lyric longer and the overall picture across the week shows us that the appetite for quality music and the way it is presented is on the increase.”