Q&A with Russell Tovey on Juice

Q&A with Russell Tovey on Juice

Q&A with Russell Tovey on Juice

Russell, what can you tell us about your character Guy?

Guy is a therapist and has been through many periods of intense soul searching in his life to bring him to this point today. He’s full of love but he has to work on his tendencies to parent and lecture others around him. He is a fairly solitary character and likes to be in a relationship to know he has a partner in crime to enjoy his life to the max. He’s smart, shy and acerbic.

How would you describe Guy’s relationship with Jamma?

Guy adores Jamma, he makes him laugh and cry and really challenges the personal boundaries that Guy has worked on to instil in himself. Every day is an adventure for Guy while with Jamma and this always feels exciting, addictive and as though they’re on the verge of something dangerous!

Would you make a good therapist like Guy? Are you a good listener?

I’d like to think I’ve got the capacity to really listen to my friends and family when they ask for advice or understanding. I think being a therapist full-time must be exhausting and not something I’d have the mental capabilities for.

What was it like working with Mawaan?

Like Guy I adore Mawaan. He is a true genius and his comedy feels so fresh yet also rooted into a great lineage of comedy history.

Have you seen any of Mawaan’s YouTube or stand-up shows?

Yes – I first met Mawaan after his show in Edinburgh almost 7 years ago – I thought he was incredible and really connected to the stories so it’s amazing really to be playing that part now.

Are there any similarities between you and Guy?

We certainly look the same, I’d like to have his outward calmness and consideration too. And his emotional consistency is something I’d like to have too.

Why did you want to be part of Juice?

Because I think Mawaan is a superstar and I loved the pilot.

What did you think when you first read the script?

That I had to play this role and be part of Juice by hook or by crook.

Do you have a favourite scene or episode from the series?

I loved the family dinner scene in episode 3 and anything where myself and Mawaan had the opportunity to improvise.

How is Juice different from other shows you’ve worked on?

It’s unlike anything else in its beautifully abstracted scope of ideas – it is fundamentally about love but in Juice, it reveals all the complications of love in the most inventive ways ever.

Any funny moments on set?


How would you best describe Juice?

A seriously funny and clever comedy about one highly unfunctional man’s ability to make the seemingly uncomplicated, complicated.

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