Q&A with Gabriel Zakuani

Q&A with Gabriel Zakuani

Q&A with Gabriel Zakuani

What made you want to join MOTD Africa Top Ten?

Firstly, I think there’s a lot to discuss about African football, and it’s good that the show gives us an opportunity to do that. I’m around people that also know about African football so we can have some good debates, share different opinions, and it just seemed something fun to get into.

Who in your opinion is the best African player in the Premier League at the moment?

Oh, that’s such a tough one. But I would say Mohamed Salah, just because of the longevity of how well he’s performed at the top level. There’s also [Riyad] Mahrez as well, who I think is up there. But I think Salah for me stands out.

How do you get on with your fellow hosts?

Yeah we get on well! We have our ups and downs, and disagreements in terms of the actual show in itself, but I think off camera and in the studio there’s chemistry that’s been built there and we seem to be getting on pretty well.

Do you argue about your top 10s?

Yes of course, always! We always argue, have different opinions, but I think in terms of… a lot of football fans see different things and what they like, and it comes out you know – we’ve all played professional football, we’ve all played at a very good level, so I think our opinions are valid, but we will see the game differently.

What for you is the best moment of your career?

Best moment of my career I think is captaining my country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is a big moment because it’s your country, and obviously being captain of your country is a big honour. I won the Playoff final as well, which is a big moment. But I think captaining my country always has to be the best moment.

Final question, what advice do you have for aspiring players in Africa?

I think it’s really tough obviously, because the resources aren’t the same as if you were in Europe, but I think just keep going, and hopefully you do get noticed. I know it’s easy to say don’t give up, but that’s the best advice I can give: don’t give up. You just never know who’s watching and who can take you to a big club and have a career. There are a lot of examples now of big players who have come from Africa, so now you’ve got loads of people to look up to. So just keep doing what you’re doing.

Thanks very much, Gaby.

Thank you.

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