Q&A with Elizabeth Berrington on Henpocalyspe!

Q&A with Elizabeth Berrington on Henpocalyspe!

Q&A with Elizabeth Berrington on Henpocalyspe!

Henpocalyspe! is so much fun, what attracted you to your role?

I was attracted to the writing, it’s such a preposterous premise and the situations the characters find themselves in are so comical, the jokes and punchlines are absolute comedy classics.

Can you tell us a bit about your character, Bernadette?

She’s a survivor, a very dominant force of nature. You absolutely want Bern on your team at all times, she’s the Mick Lynch of the post-apocalypse she’ll put up with absolutely no BS at the end of the world. ‘All opinions expressed are my own’!

Bernadette is the matriarch of the show, and is very much leading the pack in their fight for survival, and it turns out is a bit of a businesswoman – are there any parts of her that you can relate to?

I think Bern has nerves of steel and stupendous confidence and is absolutely nothing like me at all. I’m not sure I’d defend anyone or anything in her situation, I’d just crumple & weep.

Tell us about Bernadette’s relationship with her daughter Zara

Zara is the best thing that’s ever happened to Bern. She is Bernadette’s pet project; she has lavished all her time, money, energy & looks on bringing up Zara, and Zara must BEND TO HER MOTHER’S WILL OR ELSE!

How was it working with the other actresses that make up the incredible cast and have you worked with any of them previously?

I had never met any of the cast before and I now intend to have all their names branded on to my body as I refuse to work without them.

You come up against some tough adversaries in the Core Strength Bitches in the show, what can you tell us about them?

The Core Strength Bitches are as good as AI – they are so perfect, they completely have their shit together. They look nice, feel nice and definitely smell nice. We however, are the opposite.

Do you think you would you survive in an apocalypse? What tactics would you employ?

There is absolutely no way I could survive or want to survive in their situation. My plan would be to give up ASAP.

How would you describe the tone for this series?

The show has elements of Blair Witch Project/Bridesmaids (in Llandudno) and Road – ‘are they going to get eaten? Will they eat each other?’ with glorious gags! As for tone, its ring tone is just very funny.

Do you have any funny tales from set you can tell us?

There is a scatological tale that must not be repeated to protect individuals involved (obvs). What happened in Pensby stays in Pensby.


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