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The Vividata Fall 2020 results show The Globe and Mail continues to be the leader in national weekly print and digital readership.

The study covers Vividata’s 12-month major market rolling database from July 2019 to June 2020.

“These results confirm that as the pandemic hit, Canadians were turning to The Globe for steady and accurate information and insights about COVID and what it meant for Canada, our economy, and our lives,” says Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail. “The Globe became a daily habit for Canadians trying to make sense of this new world, and continues to be so.”

The period covered by the survey also includes The Globe’s award-winning investigations into the SNC-Lavalin affair and the BC/Western Canada manhunt.

Vividata Fall 2020 Results

• Saturday print readership grew 7% to 2 million.
• Weekly digital cumulative audience increased 13% to 4.5 million (the largest national weekly digital readership of any digital products).
• The Globe and Mail’s national readership is 7.1 million (this includes Globe weekly newspaper, Globe weekly digital, Report on Business magazine print/digital).
• With an 8.5% increase to 6.4 million, The Globe’s weekly readership (print and digital) remains higher than any other individual publisher brand and leads readership in key demographic areas (University graduates, MOPES, HHI $100k+, Business Purchase Influencers and Business Decision Makers).
• ROB magazine has the largest readership of any other business magazine with a print readership of 1.1 million and monthly digital readership of 1.3 million.
• The Globe has the largest weekly print newspaper readership at 3.3 million, up 3.5%.

The study has a sample size of 32,738, covers 40 markets, and looks at 52 magazines and 53 daily newspapers.