Washington Post’s David Weigel to Analyse Swing States

The Washington Post

The Washington Post’s popular “The Trailer” newsletter will provide readers with a weekly guide to the key swing states to watch for this election cycle.

Anchored by The Post’s David Weigel, this new series will provide readers with a smart, comprehensive look at where votes come from, how parties’ bases are shifting and what these trends could mean for the 2020 presidential election.

“’The Trailer’ delves into the trends shaping American politics three days a week, from all over the country, for readers all over the country,” said David Weigel, author of “The Trailer” newsletter. “We’re less than three months until the election and this series is explaining what matters in key states, where swing voters live, and how the campaigns will try to win them.”

In the latest instalment, Weigel explores the seven political states of Wisconsin and how, for nearly a decade, Wisconsin was the centre of the Republican Party’s universe. In the first instalment, Weigel examined Michigan and its six distinct political “states,” with different demographics and voting histories, guided by one key question: how did Michigan become a defining swing state of the Trump era?

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