Prepare To Lose Yourself In Kingdumb’s ‘Ecstasy’

Prepare To Lose Yourself In Kingdumb’s ‘Ecstasy’

Kingdumb, Swindon’s visionary electronic producer, songwriter, and beat creator, is set unleash his new single, ‘Ecstasy.’ This highly anticipated offering will drop on all major streaming platforms on July 21st, and it’s fresher than a bag of apples, handpicked with the precision of a ninja fruit-slinger!

Following the success of his previous release, ‘Sun Blinging,’ Kingdumb again proves why his name is on everyone’s lips. He fearlessly paves his own path, defying conventions while keeping his finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving dance music scene.

With ‘Ecstasy,’ the energy levels are skyrocketing to unprecedented heights as Kingdumb unleashes an unforgettable production. This track is the ultimate getaway, transporting you to pure bliss. It’s a dancefloor anthem of epic proportions, casting a spell on all who encounter it!

But wait, there’s more! Prepare to have your mind blown by the addition of a mind-bending Dolby Atmos mix. Every sonic detail comes alive, immersing you in a state of audio nirvana like never before. So, are you prepared for a euphoric journey into ‘Ecstasy’? Buckle up because it takes off on Friday, July 21st, with pre-orders available from July 10th.

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