Todd Kistler Becomes Washington Post’s Night News Editor

The Washington Post

Todd Kistler will become the Washington Post’s Night News Editor on a permanent basis, a role he has been fulfilling for the last year as an interim role.

The Washington Post’s Deputy Managing Editor Scott Vance made the announcement of Todd Kistler’s move into the role permanently in a message to staff.

In it he said; “We are pleased to announce that Todd Kistler has been named night news editor.

“Todd has excelled in that role for the past year on an interim basis. He’s been cool under pressure, made smart decisions that elevated our journalism and kept a steady hand on the wheel on the most chaotic nights.

“He helped lead our night operations through an impeachment, a pandemic, roiling protests and a momentous campaign and election. He helped keep us competitive online and supervised many late tear-ups of A1 with great judgment and skill.

“Todd arrived at The Post in 2017 as a multiplatform editor and quickly became a slot, making nightly editing assignments and overseeing the evening workflow. He brought rigorous editing to some of The Post’s most ambitious enterprise stories and projects.

“He joined us from California, where he was a team leader and slot for The Sacramento Bee and other McClatchy papers. As the company consolidated operations, Todd ended up supervising editing for the news sections of 10 dailies as well as digital content.”

A journalism graduate of the University of Missouri at Columbia, Todd enjoys backpacking, especially in the American West, and looks forward to the day he can resume tutoring through the Reading Partners program at a school in his neighborhood.

He lives in the Michigan Park area of Northeast D.C., where he recently bought a house.