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The Washington Post has announced that Sudarsan Raghavan has been appointed as the paper’s Europe Correspondent, based in Spain.

In announcing the news to staff, Foreign Editor Douglas Jehl and Deputy Foreign Editor Eva Rodriguez said; “We’re pleased to announce that Sudarsan Raghavan will take on a new role next year as a Europe-based correspondent who can be deployed quickly to trouble spots around the world.

“As an accomplished veteran who thrives in difficult places, Sudarsan is a natural for the job. Since joining The Post in 2005, his successive posts as bureau chief in Baghdad, Nairobi, Kabul and Cairo have mostly revolved around conflict.

“He has covered wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Congo, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Gaza, demonstrating conviction and courage. He has won multiple honors, including Overseas Press Club awards for his coverage of the wars in Iraq and Yemen and the Asia Society’s Osborn Elliott prize for his reporting from Afghanistan.

“Sudarsan will travel extensively in the role, which is new to The Post and is intended to add more agility to our international coverage.

“His deployments – to Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and other parts of the world – will be driven by the need for timely, on-the-ground reporting that fills the newsroom’s most urgent needs.

“Sudarsan is wrapping up a five-year tour as bureau chief in Cairo. He will begin his rapid-deployment role from Cairo early next year, once a new bureau chief is in place. When the school year ends, he and his family will relocate to their new base in Spain.”