CNBC Host Wilfred Frost to Return to London

William Frost and Sara Eisen presenting CNBC's Closing Bell

CNBC Closing Bell host Wilfred Frost has announced that he is leaving the New York show and returning to London.

Wilfred Frost said in a series of messages on social media that he will remain with Comcast, and continue to contribute to CNBC and fellow Comcast-owned network, Sky News.

Frost currently co-hosts CNBC’s daily market wrap-up show, Closing Bell with co-host Sara Eisen.

Frost said on Twitter; “Delighted to finally be able to share some personal news. A big life change for Kaley and I – we’re moving to make London our home as we start the next chapter of our life. Insanely excited about that.”

“But thankfully not a big corporate change for me – very happy that I’ll be staying part of the Comcast family. I’m remaining a CNBC Contributor, becoming an NBC News Contributor, and will begin working with Sky News too – can’t wait to get stuck in there late March.

“I finish anchoring CNBC Closing Bell with Sara Eisen on 16 Feb – going to be so odd and sad to finish after SIX wonderful years anchoring together, but looking forward to a fun, final few shows. Going to miss NYC enormously, but will be back often I’m sure.”

Frost previously hosted Worldwide Exchange from CNBC’s London studios before making the move over the Atlantic to front the programme from CNBC’s worldwide headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

He then went on to present Closing Bell live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.