Steve Scully to Return to C-SPAN

Steve Scully

C-SPAN has confirmed that Political Editor Steve Scully, will be returning to the network this week following three-month suspension.

Steve Scully was suspended for initially lying about a tweet he sent to Anthony Scaramucci, claiming that his twitter account had been hacked.

In the lead-up to the second presidential debate in October, which would have been chaired by Scully, President Trump called Scully a “never Trumper”, prompting him to ask Anthony Scaramucci whether he should respond.

His suspension came about after he claimed that he didn’t personally send the tweet, before back-tracking. C-SPAN subsequently suspended him from duty for three months.

In a statement, C-SPAN said; “Steve Scully, who was placed on administrative leave in mid-October for Twitter-related controversies in conjunction with the second presidential debate, is returning to duty at C-SPAN beginning this week.

“His initial assignments will be off-air producing for C-SPAN television and resumption of his work on C-SPAN Radio’s “Washington Today” program and “The Weekly,” a podcast/interview program.

“No date has been set for his return to C-SPAN’s roster of on-air television hosts. We view October’s events as a singular episode in an otherwise successful 30-year C-SPAN career.

“And while it was appropriate in October for Steve to be immediately relieved of his duties leading our 2020 election coverage, we reiterate our belief that now, having completed a three-month administrative leave, he can continue to contribute to C-SPAN’s mission.”