Nuta Cookier presents 7 amazing remixes of his single “The Ocean” feat. Andressa Parra

Nuta Cookier presents 7 amazing remixes of his single "The Ocean" feat. Andressa Parra

Dive into the mesmerizing depths of electronic soundscapes with Nuta Cookier’s latest techno maxi-single, “The Ocean Remixes.” Hailing from São Paulo, the innovative artist collaborates with Andressa Parra to breathe new life into their original track “The Ocean” through an array of 7 electrifying remixes.

Embarking on a journey of sonic exploration, Nuta Cookier invites a stellar lineup of remixers to redefine the boundaries of techno. The remix roster includes the masterful touch of Axel Karakasis, the enigmatic prowess of Dj Marz, the atmospheric wizardry of Oliver Lieb, the progressive enchantment of Sanna C, and the hard-hitting vigor of Halley Seidel.

Sanna C’s rendition beckons listeners with a progressive soundscape that ebbs and flows like gentle waves, guiding them into a captivating auditory experience. Dj Marz’s take catapults us into the heart of the electronic realm, where pulsating beats and intricate synth patterns intertwine, forming a dancefloor-ready techno remix that’s impossible to resist.

Oliver Lieb’s version paints a tapestry of atmospheric techno, immersing the audience in a dreamscape of ethereal melodies and intricate textures. Meanwhile, Halley Seidel’s remix packs a powerful punch with its hard-pumping techno energy, an unrelenting sonic journey that commands movement.

But the surprises don’t end there. Nuta Cookier himself adds his signature touch with two exclusive remixes. The “Blue Remix” elevates the ethereal elements, creating an otherworldly ambiance that envelopes the listener in a cocoon of tranquility. On the other hand, the “Acid Remix” injects a pulsating rush of energy, where acid-infused sounds intertwine with relentless beats, creating a dynamic and electrifying ride.

“The Ocean Remixes” by Nuta Cookier and Andressa Parra is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of electronic music. With a diverse array of styles and interpretations, this maxi-single is a celebration of creativity and innovation in the realm of techno. Each remix invites listeners to immerse themselves in the sonic ocean, riding the waves of imagination and rhythm. So, prepare to be swept away by this extraordinary auditory voyage, where the depths of techno are explored and redefined with every beat and melody.


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