North Ship Smash It With New Single, ‘Scent’

North Ship Smash It With New Single, ‘Scent’

Two-piece band North Ship, hailing from the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, are making waves in the music world with their latest single, ‘Scent’. This indie-rock gem is out now and available for streaming on all major platforms.

North Ship’s unique musical concoction blends beats, synths, and electronic sounds with the classic rock elements of guitar, bass, and drums. Their approach to songwriting is characterized by rootsiness together with an eagerness to experiment with different genres and forms of expression.

Influenced by iconic artists such as Bowie, Nick Cave and Muddy Waters, North Ship take hints from the best while still standing out with fresh quality. Members Thomas Golzen and Francis Nørgaard Jensen bring their respective talents to the forefront, with Thomas taking on the roles of songwriter, programmer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and keyboardist, and Francis providing the rhythmic backbone with his impeccable drumming dexterity. Together, they create a dynamic musical synergy that is both captivating and exhilarating.

‘Scent’ opens with an inviting drum overture, which is quickly joined by warm, silky guitar riffs and a bass tone that adds an irresistible weight to the track. The drums strike with vehemence while Thomas’s vocals echo with robust emotion alongside crisp explosive guitar solos. The song carries a nostalgic quality while seamlessly blending with the modern music scene. The chorus is particularly catchy, and North Ship confidently paves their own path while paying homage to the greats.

So, ready for some new indie-rock with a familiar, yet refreshingly new twist? Look no further than ‘Scent’, the new single by North Ship!

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