New Series “Kiddie Kai” Premieres Tuesday, September 6 Exclusively on discovery+

New Series "Kiddie Kai" Premieres Tuesday, September 6 Exclusively on discovery+

In a region of the southeast United States, lies a legendary martial arts hot spot known simply as The Blackbelt Byway. There are dojos on nearly every corner – welcoming kids of all backgrounds to train to be blackbelts. But in an area where every dojo claims to be the best and every parent wants their kid to train with the top sensei, the competition is fierce. While some of us seek out pastors, rabbis, or priests for guidance, in this community of martial arts families, their instructors’ word is law. For the families whose children participate in martial arts, it’s more than an after-school activity and much more than a sport, it’s a way of life. And for the kids who are inspired to learn the ways of their sensei, it’s a chance to prove to themselves, and to others, that they have the confidence and discipline to be their best selves. And kick some major butt.

In the all-new series KIDDIE KAI, rivalries and long-standing feuds all culminate into epic showdowns. Rivals Sifu Mark Williams, World Champion Mr. John Chung, Shihan Cliff Kinchen, and Sensei Jeff McGregor all made a name for themselves in the 80s and 90s, and now is their chance to prove, once and for all, whether they are still deserving of their titles. From brand new gi to martial arts glory, which dojos will live up to their reputations and create the next generation of champions?

Premiere date: First three episodes available to stream on Tuesday, September 6

Discovery and Science Channel

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