Netflix Will Adapt Fernando Aramburu’s ‘El Niño” With Mariano Barroso

Netflix Will Adapt Fernando Aramburu's 'El Niño" With Mariano Barroso

July 3, 2024 – Today, Netflix announced the forthcoming adaptation of the latest novel from Fernando Aramburu, El niño (Tusquets Editores), in a film written and directed by Mariano Barroso (La línea invisible, Los Farad) and produced by himself with Rafa Portela.

Barroso said: “I’m delighted to continue my work with Netflix, this time from the script and direction of my next film. Working with the teams in this house is one of the best experiences in my career. Adapting Fernando Aramburu’s novel ( is a great challenge and a thrilling privilege.”

Fernando Aramburu remarked: “The accident in Ortuella had a deep echo inside of me throughout the years. I felt as if it was claiming its own space inside the series of stories called ‘Gentes vascas’ that I was resolved to tell. The adaptation of this project by Netflix pleases me greatly and at the same time strengthens the certainty about these kids, who died in that tragedy in 1980, being worthy of having a decent space in our memory.”

El niño narrates the story of Nicasio, an octogenarian who makes the trip to the Ortuella cemetery every Thursday to visit the tomb of his grandson, one of the many children who died in a gas explosion in a school in October 1980. We will see how this tragedy, which shook the Basque people and all of Spain, affected and altered the lives of Nicasio’s family and many others. A story of unexpected emotions and psychological exploration that comes together in a unique journey driven by its protagonists.

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