Momis Alanis’ ‘Music In You’: an Unmissable Tech House Release

Momis Alanis' 'Music In You': an Unmissable Tech House Release

Chasin Records announce their newest release from the talented Producer and DJ Momis Alanis. Titled ‘Music In You,’ this latest Tech House production emerges as yet another stellar addition to Chasin Records’ catalogue of work and further proves the label as an exciting and welcome presence within the Electronic Music realm.

This year alone, Chasin Records has dropped numerous powerful releases, striking back time and time again with fresh and unique productions that never fail to keep the energy high and the bar raised. Established by the known Producer and DJ Cody Chase, Chasin Records continues to gain a reputation as one of the most exciting platforms currently within Electronic Music; powerful in its confidence to present the work of up-and-coming Artists, this is a label that continues to dive deep within the landscape of Electronic Music to discover some of the best of the genre, emerging each time with innovative and distinct talents, well-deserving of attention and admiration.

Now, Chasin Records presents ‘Music In You’: a track produced by the Mexican Producer and DJ Momis Alanis. Having studied DJing, feeding her passion for Electronic Music, Momis Alanis has developed a unique style that sees her blending genres like House, Electro House, EDM, and Techno, to name only a few of the genres she works with. This newest release appears as the epitome of her diverse production sound, merging styles to present a track infused with Tech House and Techno elements, energetic in its intense drive and thumping beats.

Featuring hard-hitting rhythms and a powerful wobbly low end, ‘Music In You’ brings an electrifying energy sure to excite its listeners. As the catchy vocal hooks enter, and the growling bassline and layered synth pads are added to the mix, the track is ignited with a hypnotic vibe that promises to captivate and enthral. As the soundscape becomes even mightier in sound, with filtered details and staggering melodic elements raising the energy, ‘Music In You’ delivers an invigorating sonic experience, cementing it as a must-listen addition to the Chasin Records musical collection.

A label sure to keep introducing impressive and refreshing talents to its followers, Chasin Records is not to be missed, so be sure to follow them across social media to stay up-to-date on new releases and make sure to keep an eye on Momis Alanis as she too promises to continue dropping unmissable music and delivering unforgettable live DJ performances. ‘Music In You’ is out now via Chasin Records and available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms.

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