Minna Ora To Unleash A Whirlwind Of Emotion With New Single ‘Storm’

Minna Ora To Unleash A Whirlwind Of Emotion With New Single ‘Storm’

Minna Ora, the artist, singer, guitarist, and composer, is back with new single ‘Storm’. After the success of her previous songs in the series, including the Finnish version of ‘Storm’, Minna is ready to enthral listeners inside and outside her native Finland once more!

Even when addressing heavy issues, Minna Ora has the rare ability to create a compelling musical delivery that effortlessly draws listeners into the depths of her work. She invests her heart and energy into ‘Storm’, featuring nail-biting riffs, soulful vocals, and a seamless blending of sounds you will struggle to find elsewhere.

‘Storm’ fearlessly explores the intricate layers of human nature, delving into themes of selfishness, greed, and the misuse of power. Minna courageously confronts the darker facets of humanity, where individuals often prioritize self-interest, act ruthlessly, and turn a blind eye to the suffering of others. This timeless issue echoes the wisdom of the ancients: “Homo homini lupus,” a human is a wolf to another human.

The song’s journey begins with Minna’s mother reciting a poignant Finnish poem penned by Minna’s grandmother, inspired by their family’s experiences during the Second World War. ‘Storm’, masterfully weaves history into its narrative, evoking a profound sense of the past, collective sorrow, and melancholy. The poignant question lingers: Will we ever learn from our history? The music video, featuring five generations of Minna’s family, poignantly poses this question.

Despite the weighty subject matter, Minna’s message is neither somber nor cynical. With a resolute yet compassionate voice, she sings, “Hear me shout, listen to me, I will not just break down at your feet, hear me out, you’d better listen to me, I won’t surrender, I won’t give in” These lyrics emphasize that responding to injustices with further injustices is not the solution. It’s a brilliant encapsulation of profound wisdom packaged in an impactful musical offering.

A powerful musical experience that will profoundly impact your heart and soul, ‘Storm’ is to stream everywhere now, as is the official video, which you will be itching to replay once it concludes!

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