Michael Vercoe Releases Heartfelt Single “Without You”

Michael Vercoe Releases Heartfelt Single "Without You"

Michael Vercoe, the talented singer-songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand, is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, “Without You.” The song is now available on all major music streaming platforms.

“Without You” is more than just a song for Michael; it’s a heartfelt expression of gratitude to the influential figures in his life. From his beloved fiancée to his supportive parents and cherished friends, Michael acknowledges the profound impact they’ve had on his journey. Moreover, the single serves as a testament to his unwavering faith, thanking God and Jesus Christ for their guidance and protection, particularly during challenging times like when he suffered a neck injury four years ago.

“I wrote this song to express my gratitude to all the people who have supported and shaped me,” says Michael Vercoe. “It’s a tribute to love, friendship, and faith, and I hope listeners can connect with its message.”

With roots deeply embedded in music, Michael’s journey as a musician began early on. Despite initially pursuing a career in sports, he eventually found his true calling in music, drawing inspiration from his upbringing surrounded by melodies and rhythms. Over the years, he has honed his craft, collaborating with esteemed industry professionals and crafting his signature blend of 80’s nostalgia and contemporary pop.

In the past five years, Michael has immersed himself in the local music scene, refining his skills both in the studio and on stage. His dedication has led him to collaborate with renowned musicians such as Sean Hurley, Victor Indrizzo, Bryan Cook, and Dave Cleveland, further enhancing his musical prowess.

“Without You” showcases Michael’s ability to craft infectious pop melodies with poignant lyrics that resonate with audiences worldwide. As he continues to evolve as an artist, Michael remains committed to creating music that leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

For more information about Michael Vercoe and his music, visit his official website at https://michaelvercoe.co.nz/

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