CNN International to Make London Redundancies

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CNN International is to make redundancies at its London headquarters which will see simulcasts with CNN/US increase by 90 minutes per day.

In an ongoing downsizing effort underway at CNN International, programme production is expected to swing back in favour of CNN Center in Atlanta, with the operation in London reducing in terms of production hours and people.

CNN International has high profile, long-standing presenters and shows operating out of London, including “Amanpour” hosted by veteran correspondent Christiane Amanpour, and “Hala Gorani Tonight”.

It was not immediately clear which shows would be affected by the shift, and whether the future of CNN’s daily debate programme hosted by Max Foster, CNN Talk is in anyway affected.

For the last two decades, CNN International has defined itself as separate from its US sister network, and heavily invested in programming from London, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.

However in recent years, more and more programming from CNN/US has been creeping into the CNN International schedule, and a distinct reduction in live news programming has been observed.