Univision Joins FactCHAT Fact-checking Coalition


Univision News joins FactCHAT, the first coalition of US fact checkers organized by the International Fact-checking Network (IFCN) at Poynter, to be part of and debunk misinformation during the 2020 electoral campaign.

The 10 IFCN certified fact-checking platforms in the U.S. have created a database that allows their work to be translated into Spanish and published by the networks that serve the Hispanic community.

The bilingual alliance gives 32 million Latino voters in the United States access to accurate election-related information and helps fight misinformation during the 2020 presidential campaign.

A WhatsApp chat allows users to interact with a bot and consult on the statements and data that matters most to them during this electoral season. WhatsApp is also providing financial support to help Hispanic media build or strengthen its fact-checking teams.

WhatsApp’s support helped Univision relaunch ‘elDetector’, which was born as the first data-checking site in Spanish in the US in 2016.

In addition to having new design and content, ‘elDetector‘ has new labels for classifying information, both political discourse and images (photos and videos) that are vital to better inform and empower our audience in their language during the electoral campaign. Users will know when a claim is: True, misleading, lacks context, there is not enough evidence to affirm or deny or is completely false.

Univision News also recently launched ‘Lupita and her magnifying glass‘, a character who helps our audience identify misinformation on social media and gives them simple tips and tools they can use to verify the content they consume, and an opinion column on disinformation by Cristina Tardáguila, associate director of IFCN.

By joining the ground-breaking IFCN coalition and through these platforms, Univision News continues to bring trustworthy news and information to the Hispanic community and continue its work to prevent misinformation from gaining ground in this electoral cycle.

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