ABC News and Washington Post Announce Battleground Polling Series

ABC News and Washington Post

The Washington Post and ABC News have announced a new series of polling from key battleground states across the country in the weeks leading up to November’s General Election.

The new polling series will provide readers with an in-depth look at where the candidates stand in key battleground states, the issues shaping voter sentiment and how critical voting blocs will shape the 2020 presidential race.

“As we continue to provide readers with the information and tools to better understand the country’s diverse and changing electorate, our battleground polling delivers a smart, comprehensive look at the issues and demographics driving this election cycle,” said Steven Ginsberg, national editor for The Washington Post.

“Building on the work of our first-class politics newsroom, this polling series enables readers to take the pulse of the race in battleground states across the country.”

In the latest instalment, former vice president Joe Biden holds a narrow edge in the key battleground state of Wisconsin as President Trump’s law-and-order message has so far failed to translate into significant support or change the dynamic of the race there.

In the Minnesota instalment, former vice president Joe Biden holds a wide lead over President Trump in Minnesota, with voters in the battleground state expressing greater faith in Biden than Trump to handle issues of racial equality, crime, and violence at political protests.

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