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Bell Media has announced the launch of SAM, its proprietary Strategic Audience Management tool, combining the powerful reach of linear television with the precision of digital targeting.

Launching with segments powered by NLogic data, this new sales enhancement tool boosts the efficacy of a traditional television buy by offering advertisers the opportunity to access more granular targeting to reach specific audiences. Future plans for SAM will also include layering in first party data.

“Our clients have been looking for broader TV data analytics, and we are thrilled to respond with SAM,” said Darryl Coburn, Vice-President, National Video Sales, Bell Media. “SAM supplements traditional TV buys with an enhanced layer of intelligence, producing highly customised plans that ultimately help advertisers achieve their business objectives.”

With each custom buy, SAM measures household, behavioural, and TV viewing data to identify high-indexing TV audiences. SAM then uses this data to maximise inventory allocation across CTV’s national network and Bell Media’s English entertainment speciality channels (excluding TSN and CP24) towards a buy’s strategic target audience. SAM builds the optimal schedule, based on the selected strategic target, delivering targeted impressions that reach the desired audience.

SAM’s automation is simple and easy for advertisers to use and will be integrated seamlessly into existing approaches.

“While SAM is an additional product offering allowing them to enrich and optimise their current media plans, customers may certainly continue to buy through the existing sales model,” continued Coburn. “It’s as easy as it is beneficial.”