Stingray to Provide Custom Music Solutions to Orangetheory Fitness


Stingray Business and Space Factory Media have announced that Stingray Business will provide custom music, media, and consumer insights solutions for Orangetheory Fitness, one of the world’s fastest-growing brands, operating 1,400 studios worldwide, in Canada, 50 American states and 25 countries around the globe.

Stingray Business, in partnership with Space Factory, will provide custom curated streaming music for Orangetheory Live, Orangetheory’s proprietary interactive workout experience.

Fueled by a shared vision and commitment for innovation, this partnership is poised to deliver a series of “industry first” workout, music curation, and digital media experiences for Orangetheory Fitness members and coaches.

The core music platforms for Orangetheory Fitness will be the Stingray Music for Business App and the Stingray Music API stack, designed to provide flexible music streaming delivery options for Orangetheory Fitness and allow for agile technological innovations and creative and customized brand experience solutions.

“This agreement marks an important milestone for Stingray Business as we expand our music and media partnerships with brands and businesses in the digital age,” said Ratha Khuong, General Manager of Stingray Business. 

“We are thrilled to have found in Orangetheory Fitness a partner that believes in the power of expertly curated music and customer insight solutions to build deeper connections with its members, improve member satisfaction and loyalty and consequently grow revenues.”

“Our industry has evolved significantly and global Enterprise brands like Orangetheory Fitness have high demands from their music and media partners to be modern and agile with a deep capacity for innovation, creativity, technology, licensing and service,” said John Crooke, Chief Media Officer of Space Factory.

“Orangetheory Fitness is a genre-bending brand and from the outset, it was clear that we shared a vision as to how best we could modernize the total brand experience. It’s a really powerful thing when a brand and partner are truly aligned and we’ve found that in our partnership with Orangetheory Fitness.”

“We’re always listening to our members, and we know that the music they hear in our classes is critical in driving the vibrant energy and motivation of an Orangetheory workout,” said Kevin Keith, Orangetheory Fitness Chief Brand Officer.

“This partnership is the perfect example of how Orangetheory Fitness uses innovative tools and resources to give members the unique and fun workout experience they deserve.”

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