Univision Signs Up to Census Amicus Brief

Univision Signs Up to Census Amicus Brief

Univision has announced that it had signed on to an Amicus Brief in the matter of State of New York, et al. v. United States Department of Commerce, et al.

The litigation challenges the decision by the Commerce Department to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census.

According to Univision, the question would cause irreparable harm arising from the upcoming census to the Hispanic community and businesses throughout the United States.

Jessica Herrera-Flanigan, Executive Vice President for Government & Corporate Affairs, said; “Every person residing in the United States deserves to and must be counted in the census. Dating back to this country’s founding, there has been no higher purpose to this endeavour than to simply count the number of people living in our nation, regardless of status.

“However, the planned 2020 Census includes a question regarding a respondent’s citizenship that the Census Bureau’s officials themselves have admitted will reduce response rates, particularly by naturalised citizens and immigrants.

“Both government and businesses rely on census data to make an accurate judgement about where to utilise services, place stores or offices, and how to speak to different communities.

“Simply put, an incomplete count equals erroneous decisions no matter the community. Without an accurate count, millions of people could lose out on deserved federal funding and business investment in their community. Univision stands with Hispanic America and the business community in opposing any effort that could reduce the response rate in the upcoming census and cause harm.”