Optus Chief Calls for Industry & Government to Work Together


At a business update for media and industry analysts, Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, Optus Chief Executive Officer, called for industry and government to work together.

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin was explained that to grow the telecommunications sector which is so vital to the future well-being of the Australia’s economy and its society, would require joined up thinking.

“Telecommunications is fundamental to our lifestyle, our economy, and our nation’s success. This has been proven again and again during last summer’s devastating bushfires and this year’s unprecedented pandemic. Given the criticality of telecommunications it’s vital that we look ahead to consider how we can sustain and grow our sector at the time when it’s needed more than ever.”

While outlining Optus’ plans to generate sustainable growth, Ms Bayer Rosmarin pointed to analysis undertaken by PwC that indicates the benefits of getting the correct policy settings for 5G investment in Australia.

“Using PwC’s geo-spatial economic analysis, we have estimated that the deployment of competitive 5G networks could boost the Australian economy by a cumulative $130 billion over the decade to 2030 – and create 205,000 net new jobs.”

“Realising these benefits is dependent upon setting policies that encourage investment and a competitive environment. Without these up to $55 billion of the predicated benefits of 5G will be put at risk.”

Ms Bayer Rosmarin noted the challenges that may limit the sector’s ability to invest fully in the future infrastructure Australia requires.

“Structural changes are stripping the sector of profitability simultaneously with shortening technology cycles, all-time-high investment requirements and peak reliance on our services.”

Ms Bayer Rosmarin believes the industry can reach its potential and support Australian consumers and businesses if policy settings can be aligned to incentivise growth and investment.

“Traditionally, Australia has been a leader in developing telecommunications competition policy that has driven significant investment in competing national infrastructure.

“We welcome the Media Reform Green Paper released last week that sets out a pathway to free up 600 MHz spectrum as an excellent example of the type of reform which can strengthen 5G in Australia.

“If we can set policies which address the structural issues and deliver a level playing field, I’m optimistic that we can unlock the investment necessary in new technologies and infrastructure that are critical to the future productivity growth for Australia.”