Luke Mock Returns With New Single, ‘What You Deserve’

Luke Mock Returns With New Single, 'What You Deserve'

Luke Mock, a rising singer-songwriter from the Finger Lakes region of rural New York, is back and ready to ignite the music industry with his new single, ‘What You Deserve.’ The highly anticipated track is now available on all major streaming platforms, and it is not to miss!

Hailing from the scenic town of Auburn, Luke has made ripples in the music industry with his signature fusion of pop and indie-pop. His music draws inspiration from renowned artists such as Shawn Mendes, Olivia Rodrigo and Harry Styles while blending notable influences with a unique style that sets him apart.

‘What You Deserve’ explores the depths of human emotion, providing a poignant reflection on a previous relationship. With lyrics that explore the struggles of poor timing and the journey of self- discovery, this song is a welcome departure from the standard narrative of melancholy songs.

The song unfolds with an acoustic guitar riff, providing a backdrop for Luke’s dynamic and captivating vocals. As the song develops, a lively foot-tapping drum rhythm emerges, leading to a chorus hook that will have you gripping the speakers for all the right reasons. Also, the song’s relatable and introspective narrative provides a universal message that speaks to the intricacies of love and the art of letting go, resonating immediately!

So, ready for the return of Luke Mock? You can stream his new single, ‘What You Deserve’, on all streaming platforms now!

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