Lost Blonde Releases New Single, ‘Wide Awake’

Lost Blonde Releases New Single, ‘Wide Awake’

Colorado-based pop singer-songwriter Lost Blonde hits the scene with an electrifying smash with new single ‘Wide Awake’. It is a must-listen, and it is now available for streaming on all major platforms.

Lost Blonde’s signature sound, which incorporates a fun, influential and uplifting style, has captured the hearts of music fans worldwide, and she continues to impress again here! Influenced by music icons such as Bebe Rexha, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, Lost Blonde brings her unique character and infectious rhythm to the forefront of the game.

‘Wide Awake’ is an anthem highlighting Lost Blonde’s robust vocal talent, establishing her as a big hitter in the pop scene. With a stadium-filling quality and a feel-good ambience, the track is an instant earworm that fills the room with vibrant energy. Also, electronic elements seamlessly blend with its catchy pop foundation, creating a sound that will have you gripping the speakers!

This new delivery follows in the footsteps of Lost Blonde’s previous releases, ‘Dreamin’ About You’ and ‘No Matter What’, both of which received widespread acclaim. Also, with ‘Wide Awake’, Lost Blonde continues to push the boundaries of the genre as well as solidifing her position as a rising star in the industry.

So, ready for some pop which arrives with a bang? Look no further than ‘Wide Awake’ by Lost Blonde, which is out now!

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