Leyton Thomas treaded water in the pool of pathology with the indie dream-pop etherealism

Leyton Thomas treaded water in the pool of pathology with the indie dream-pop etherealism

in his latest single, ‘Screwcap Diet’

If you concocted a sonic cocktail of Mazzy Star, Radiohead, The Verve, and Sigur Ros, it would pour as affectingly as the latest single, Screwcap Diet, from the Manchester-residing indie dream pop solo artist, Leyton Thomas.

With the guitar lines winding lament into the ethereal atmosphere that becomes evocatively intensified by his soft falsetto vocal lines, the single, which muses on our proclivity to only value health in the deterioration of it, wrestles with the shadows of sickness, pulling you into the undercurrent of the treacherous pools of pathology to show you the light of mindfulness.

With his previous releases, Thomas has stood confidently between genre lines to create a catalogue that displays courage, artistry, and authenticity. His hip-hop instrumental, I Forgot You At The Bottom of the Fridge, has racked up over 26k streams on Spotify alone, signifying the commercial potential of his consistently sublime sonic signature.

After being recorded in Leyton Thomas’ home studio and mixed by Will Levison, Screwcap Diet hit all major streaming platforms on February 27th.

Leyton Thomas said:

“This release is a return to the melodic guitar music that I grew up with. It is a reflection of a feeling that every single human being experiences – that when you are ill, be it seriously ill or plagued with a common cold, everything superficial seems insignificant, and all you wish for is your health.

It poses the question, who are we when we are left with just our mind and tired body?”

Amelia Vandergast, Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“Knowing there is little sanctity in sickness, Leyton Thomas lent his ineffable talent to an otherworldly production that resounds with deeply spiritual significance. With Bottlecap Diet, he established himself as an altruist of alchemy and an artist you will always want on your radar.”


Moving from London to Manchester as a student and working in bars and clubs introduced me to a wealth of digital music, from modern hip-hop to electronica. Eventually, I grew tired of listening to the guitar-based rock bands and singer-songwriters I had almost exclusively consumed.

After several years of being intentionally experimental in arrangements, instrument choice and harmony, I had an epiphany when a period of feeling down led me subconsciously to a sound I felt at home with – a guitar, simple chords, and beautiful melody.

Alongside my solo project, I lead and front the global-psych-jazz 6-piece Deafhaüs, I also have a weekly residency at the 4-floor bar/music venue, YES, in Manchester, where I express my taste, and play my own material to hundreds of listeners.

To follow Screwcap Diet, I have a new upcoming single that flows with a hint of experimentation, ethereal vocals over sparse keys and a Julian Casablancas-esque bassline. I am also currently working on an EP of melodic vocals over soulful hip-hop instrumentation, a la The Alchemist, Nicholas Craven style sample loops – this plays very nicely into my huge fondness for soul-sampled hip-hop.

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