Julia Thomsen And Producer Tre Unite For Unforgettable Summer Track, ‘Pura Vida’

Julia Thomsen And Producer Tre Unite For Unforgettable Summer Track, 'Pura Vida'

Composer Julia Thomsen and producer Tre reunite once again on ‘Pura Vida’, which is available to stream now. Fusing a chilled-out electronic quality with Julia’s beautiful and timeless original, this track will whisk you to paradise instantly!

Julia Thomsen, a leading composer in her field with over 7 million Spotify streams from recent pieces, shines brightly with her emotive melody that resonates deeply. Tre, also an innovative force in the scene, continues to push the boundaries, and when united, they produce an experience unlike any other.

‘Pura Vida’ grasps the essence of a perfect summer getaway, enveloping the ears in an enchanting texture that will transport you to a sun-soaked haven. The seamless blend of classical undertones and modern electronic production techniques also showcases the duo’s unrivalled chemistry and artistry.

Having previously mesmerized listeners with their highly- rated track ‘Barcelona Summer’, Julia Thomsen and Tre demonstrate the perfect harmony between classical and electronic. Also, elevating their collaboration to new heights, they pour their hearts and souls into quenching the thirst of those yearning for a moment of pure tranquillity.

So, look no further! ‘Pura Vida’ is out now, and it is not one to miss!

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