Isiah & The New People led a rhythmic indie-folk-rock revolution of innovative evocation

Isiah & The New People led a rhythmic indie-folk-rock revolution of innovative evocation

with their debut EP, Boxes

After making an indelible impression in their local scene in Little Chute, Wisconsin, the freshly formed authentic to the core collective of seasoned artists, Isiah & The New People, cast their net wider by unveiling their debut EP, Boxes, on July 4th.

With sultry smoke billowing from the sax lines into the flourishes of organically intricate indie rock alchemy which resounds in the middle ground between Bob Dylan and Eddie Vedder, the opening single in the 4-track EP, 1000 Tears, is exhilarated by distinction. Isiah Driessen’s multi-tonal vocals drift between the bass-baritone timbres of Johnny Cash, the indie rock croons of Matt Berninger and the howling resonance of James Taylor, each transition, a strident evocation of nuanced emotion.

Throughout the EP, Isiah’s adaptive vocal flourishes resist any semblance of constraint to paint vivid vignettes through brushstrokes which carry the rhythmic firepower of Dire Straits and the unbridled creativity of Pink Floyd.

Track two, Cherry Tree, invites more intimacy into the release which echoes of Paolo Nutini rendered into the vulnerable vocal lines and the finger-picked acoustic guitar notes. Track three, The Girl Downstairs, exhibits another dynamic to the chameleonic collective with swampy overdriven blues before the EP, recorded in Rock Garden Studio with Marc Gold, culminates in the psychedelically-tinged confessional disillusion in Where’s Lake Waldo?

Isiah & The New People said:

“We put things in boxes; whether it’s people, ideas, or ourselves. However, every day we have the chance to be reborn, let things go, and take on new perspectives. I felt myself being put into a box. My pursuits in music have been about breaking out of it.”

Amelia Vandergast, the Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“Rooted in roots rock tradition and daring in execution, Boxes proves that no sonic flavour can rival pure, raw creativity. With an unadulterated expression of emotion as the kindling which ignites through the friction of rhythmic volition, Isiah & The New People tear down the barricades of the soul, one visceral lick at a time.”


Isiah & The New People is a collective of musicians from the Appleton, WI US area. After earning their songwriting and performance stripes in different projects and bands, they banded together on the fly to play at local festivals and build their own festival in Little Chute.

After feeling the synergy of their creativity and picking up some local radio airplay, Ric Armstrong (drums), Jason Reisdorf (sax), Alec Riegsecker (bass), and Isiah Driessen (vocals/guitar) hit the studio to record their debut EP, Boxes; the first of many releases set to come from the unpigeonholeable emissaries of innovation

A&R Factory

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