Irene Michaels: New Music Eminent

Irene Michaels: New Music Eminent

Exciting new music is on its way and will be unveiled early this year by singer/songwriter, Josie Music Award winner, Get Out Magazine Award recipient, and Grammy nominated Irene Michaels. The highly anticipated tracks are a collab between Irene and Dona Oxford.

Last year was busy time for Irene whose career spans over 6 decades. She began as a dancer and then a model where she owned one of the biggest agencies. Irene also had a recurring role on the famous soap opera General Hospital. She also visited the silver screen in Home Alone 2, Mahogany, Killer Klowns from Outer Space and more. She is an author, a lifestyle influencer, and an equestrian. However, now Music is her thing and her hit song “I Like Rain” and her cover “What the World Needs Now is Love” is proof she can do it and succeed with flying colors and a barrage of awards.

Irene is keeping her new creations under wraps for the moment but is super stoked about her progress. In the meantime she continues to do her one woman shows all over Chicago and New York. She plans to branch out to LA and London this coming year. She is a spirited, flaming ball of energy and she refuses to allow anything to stand in her way. She surrounds herself with positive energy and thus passes it on to those around her. Irene is always enthusiastic about her career, exuberant about her accomplishments, and zealous about her future……

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