Interview with Isa Guha on The Hundred

Interview with Isa Guha on The Hundred

We’re into our third year of The Hundred now, what do you think fans can expect from this year’s competition?

This year I’m looking forward to the rivalry between local teams. Fans have really got behind their teams in the last couple of years and if you’re tuning in this year for the first time, I definitely think you’ll be able to see that come through. Also, to see how coaches try different things this year or stick to similar tactics. I’ve worked with Mike Hussey a lot so excited to see if he can turn things around for the Welsh Fire.

We’re also coming off the back of an Ashes series being hosted in the UK. It has captured the attention of the nation much like in 2005 so it’s great there is another cricket offering on the back of it to continue that success especially for the youngsters who have been inspired. The huge spike in fans watching and listening to the women’s game has been incredible to see in particular – last year in the Commonwealth Games, and again this year with the Ashes.

Across the BBC, fans can listen to every single game on 5 Live, 5 Sports Extra and Sounds, and watch a huge number of games, including the opener and final, on free-to-air TV too, making it accessible to so many more fans.

In your opinion, what makes The Hundred so exciting compared to other forms of cricket?

I love all formats of cricket and that’s no secret, but what’s so exciting about The Hundred is the different audiences it appeals to. I’ve been lucky to work in different sports and having a format that can cater for different audiences is what I think makes our sport unique. I love being able to do something different with the broadcast too and always get excited about the music element at the grounds.

I think what fans love about The Hundred most is the pace of the game. Last year there were some ‘blink and you’ll miss them’ moments and we had a lot of fun calling on commentary, especially with the ability to speak to the players in-game.

Looking back at your career, would you have liked to play in a tournament like this?

100%! I loved my career and looking back there are some pretty amazing highlights in there from winning the World Cup to winning the Ashes, but if I had the opportunity to be involved in The Hundred I would have had a ball.

Who do you predict might win? Any players we should watch out for?

I’m backing the Brave women to go all the way this year and for the men it’s an outside bet but I’m going for the Welsh Fire!

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