Interview with Emma Willis on The Voice

Interview with Emma Willis on The Voice

How does it feel to be back?

It feels lovely to be back. We are one big family so it’s nice to get going again. Everyone is really settled as we all know what we are doing and I think everyone is ready for some nice healthy competition.

What can viewers expect to see from this series?

They can expect, as always, amazing talent and lots of fun from the coaches. They are so good together those four, they just gel brilliantly and there are some really lovely relationships. There’s a surprise involving me as well that I don’t want to spoil, but I had loads of fun! There are also some surprising choices when the competition gets further down the line. I always think I can guess who they are going to choose but that just wasn’t the case this series.

What’s the level of talent this year?

This series everyone who got up on stage was just incredible. With each person, it seemed like the talent just got better and better so before you knew it the teams were filled up with the most amazing people. That’s a testament to the show as you have to be good to take part, which makes it nearly impossible to whittle it down at the end.

This is the first time in The Voice’s UK history we’ve had groups, has that changed the dynamics?

Yes. It’s always nice to add something you’ve never done before. There are loads of groups out there who’ve never had the chance to come and audition and now they can. We’ve had some great groups but for me there was an absolute corker of a group, they had the whole package – it was like watching Little Mix.

Who do you think is the most competitive coach?

I’d say Olly and Anne-Marie. Olly is really competitive but then I feel like Anne-Marie really wants to win so has been getting a bit more competitive. Those two like to playfully wind each other up as well.

Has there been a moment in this series that you feel somebody should have made it in or made it to the next round?

Yes, definitely. There are always moments like that and I think the coaches know that as well. As soon as the coaches haven’t turned for somebody, they say ‘this is the one we are going to watch back and be like we made a big mistake there’. But there are so many brilliant singers, it must be so hard to pick.

What’s your favourite thing about The Voice?

The people who work on it and the talent that we get. If we didn’t have all these brilliant people taking part then we wouldn’t have a show. The nature of it as well, it’s a really easy watch and is great Saturday night family viewing. I love it when you get programmes like that that you can sit and watch with your kids.

Describe each of the coaches and what you think they bring to the panel

Tom is a gentleman and a legend and he brings decades worth of experience. Will brings that all-encompassing experience because he writes, he produces, he sings, he collaborates. Olly knows what it’s like to be a contestant as well as working in the industry for as long as he has. It’s the same with Anne–Marie, you know she was at musical theatre school so it’s all she has done forever. All the coaches have that wealth of experience and knowledge in different areas of the entertainment and music industry so each brings something different.

Are any of your children wanting to follow in Matt’s footsteps?

All of them. Trixie is desperate to audition for The Voice kids, Isabelle does lots of drama and music and Ace loves it too. Ace has just learnt how to play the drums as well, so they are all into that, but Trixie is the one with her eye on the show – she’s six.

What kind of songs does she like to sing?

She doesn’t know the words to any song in full so she makes her own songs up. She wrote her first song two weeks ago with her dad.

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