Henna Uoti Unveils Enchanting New Single “Poison or Remedy” Featuring Musician Antti Reini

Henna Uoti Unveils Enchanting New Single "Poison or Remedy" Featuring Musician Antti Reini

Henna Uoti, the acclaimed Finnish pop sensation, is set to captivate with her latest single, “Poison or Remedy,” featuring the multi-talented actor and musician Antti Reini. Known for her distinctive blend of pop with a Lapplands mystical touch and her work as an energy healer, Henna’s music has garnered admiration for its unique aesthetic, powerful lyrics, and empowering melodies, and this new delivery is not one to miss!

“Poison or Remedy” marks a significant milestone in Henna’s career, representing her first venture into the English-language music realm. Building on her success in the Finnish music industry, Henna is ready to spread her wings and mesmerize listeners worldwide with a song that transcends borders and resonates with the universal theme of love.

This spellbinding single reflects Henna Uoti’s deep, healing voice harmonizing flawlessly with the shamanic drums and throat sounds provided by the renowned Antti Reini. The collaboration between these two artists results in a fresh and distinctive sound, pushing the box of conventional pop music.

A love story encapsulated in the dualities of “Poison or Remedy” offers a blend of strength and sensitivity that is both evocative and touching. Also, as Henna Uoti steps into the international spotlight with “Poison or Remedy,” listeners can expect to be transported into a world where love takes center stage, explored through the lens of one of Finland’s most thrilling musical talents.

So, ready for “Poison or Remedy”? Look no further; you are in for a treat!

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