Heard Eye Drops New Single “Say It With The Night” – The Anthem of the Summer!

Heard Eye Drops New Single "Say It With The Night" – The Anthem of the Summer!

Sonoma, CA – Get ready to turn up the volume and let loose because Heard Eye is back with their latest single, “Say It With The Night.” This track is poised to be the Song Of The Summer with its smooth, good-time vibe, slick pocket, and robust hooks that are tailor-made for Saturday night car radio greatness. The groove will move your backside, but the vocals and melodies will positively yank on your heartstrings.

“In the Summer of 2018, the musical journey of trumpeter/vocalist Paul Schneider and guitarist Hannes De Kassian began as they explored the realms of jazz and funk, lighting up clubs, bars, and wineries across Sonoma and Marin Counties in California’s North Bay Area,” recalls Paul. However, like many, their progress was disrupted by the global pandemic in 2020. Amidst the turmoil, Paul reconnected online with his close friend and creative collaborator, renowned drummer Atma Anur, who now resided in Europe. This rekindled connection led to a musical revelation.

“Atma asked Paul if he’d been writing any songs and said he’d love to do some drum tracks. And Paul did, in fact, have a batch of new songs,” continues Hannes. “The collaboration began, and Paul enlisted me on guitar. We began crafting tracks, enlisting talented musicians remotely, and shaping what would become an extraordinary album. As the world emerged from the shutdown, we kept recording, collaborating with Atma in Europe for mixing. Our collective efforts gave birth to ‘Funkalypse,’ released in Summer 2023.”

Following the success of “Funkalypse” and the formation of their live band, The Heard Eye, the group debuted on July 20, 2023, and has since been building momentum with electrifying performances. Now, they are ready to conquer the airwaves with “Say It With The Night.”

The Origins of The Heard Eye

The band name, The Heard Eye, has a story as intriguing as their music. “Paul was getting ready to move into a new place just before the Covid lockdown, one where he could actually set up a little home studio to record some songs he’d been working on,” Hannes explains. “Going through boxes, he found a box with scraps of lyrics and other ideas, one of which read ‘the Heard Eye…BAND NAME!’ He liked the fact that it sounded like the mystical ‘third eye’ when spoken aloud and suggested a merging of two sensory perceptions into a radical new awareness.”

Meet The Band

The live band, The Heard Eye, began playing gigs in July 2023, once their album was finished and released online. They were fortunate to be joined by keyboardist Chris Studer, whose fantastic keyboard work is accentuated by his utterly amazing harmony vocals. His contributions have really completed the band’s live sound, and fans can’t wait to hear what he brings to the studio for the next album!

The Heard Eye has also been blessed with talented rhythm section players. Despite their busy schedules, the “pick-up softball team” approach has worked out well. Free Agents such as Cole Brady, Adam Charp, Anthony Paneno, Curtis Curillo, Kim On Bass, Geoff Whyte, Will Cotter, and Kevin Cole have all taken turns at bat and hit it out of the park. Batter up!

Get Ready to Groove

As summer heats up, “Say It With The Night” is the perfect soundtrack for every good time. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or dancing under the stars, Heard Eye’s new single promises to be a summer staple. Get ready to groove with The Heard Eye as they feed the funk to a hungry world!

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