Global launches Filthy Ritual – a new true-crime podcast

Global launches Filthy Ritual – a new true-crime podcast

The true-crime soulmates behind the hit podcast Redhanded – Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala – will launch a brand new six-part podcast series, Filthy Ritual on Wednesday 19th April.

Hannah and Suruthi will uncover and unpick a shocking and almost unbelievable story about a charming, enchanting and mysterious woman called Juliette D’Souza, who claimed she could perform miracles.

At the turn of the 21st century in Hampstead, one of London’s most wealthy and well-known suburbs, Juliette D’Souza wreaked havoc on a number of people’s lives. Described by her neighbours as being like ‘a knife in a velvet glove’, D’Souza claimed to have a special connection to an ancient source of power and wisdom, deep in the Amazonian jungle. She made at least one million pounds, possibly much more, through extortion and manipulation, becoming one of the most prolific con women in British history.

On Filthy Ritual, Hannah and Suruthi will speak to the reporters who travelled to Suriname to track her down, one of Britain’s leading shamans and the victims who came together in search of justice.

Listeners can expect to hear the shocking story about a scam that has everything; there’s shamanism, a ‘tree of life’ in the jungle of Suriname, a bathing ritual in a dark rusty red lake, voodoo dolls, black magic and envelopes jammed full of sacrificial cash. There’s even a wild capuchin monkey called Joey.

The first episode of Filthy Ritual will be available on all platforms from the 19th April and will be released weekly. However, if you cannot wait and you want to binge-listen the whole series, you can find all episodes exclusively on Global Player from the 19th April. Download it now from your app store or go to and search Filthy Ritual.

Filthy Ritual is a Global Original podcast, produced by Global and Novel in partnership with Dentsu Entertainment.

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