Gannett and Sanctuary Foretell Best-in-Class Horoscopes

Gannett and Sanctuary Foretell Best-in-Class Horoscopes

Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI), and Sanctuary today announced the launch of horoscopes on digital platforms across the USA TODAY Network, including USA TODAY and over 200 local news sites. Gannett is Sanctuary’s first publishing partner offering expansive astrology content including free daily and monthly horoscopes. 

The popular predictions based on signs of the zodiac and produced by astrologers will also appear in USA TODAY Network print publications beginning January 2023. Sanctuary, a leading mystical services and astrology brand, provides USAT Network readers with daily sun and rising horoscopes, as well as monthly horoscopes for each sign of the zodiac along with complete planetary profiles.

“Delivering authentic and relevant insights from real astrologers, Sanctuary is the ideal complement for Gannett’s offering of trusted news and information,” said Caroline Harris, Vice President of Digital Distribution at Gannett.

Horoscopes are among the fastest-growing consumed content with 60% of millennials describing their faith to be “New Age spirituality” and 30% strong believers in astrology, according to a Pew Report. A study by MTV revealed that 65% of people between ages 14 and 29 regularly read their horoscope and almost a third of the participants said they make dating decisions based on astrology.

“We are excited to partner with Gannett and develop this first-in-kind partnership to bring Sanctuary’s astrology content to an audience of 126 million unique visitors,” said Ross Clark, Sanctuary CEO. “We can’t wait to share our expert astrologers’ cosmic forecasts with Gannett’s readers.”

Horoscopes are available daily on USA TODAY.

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