Funkalypse by The Heard Eye Storms College Radio Charts and Global Music Scene

Funkalypse by The Heard Eye Storms College Radio Charts and Global Music Scene

Northern California’s Breakout Band Hits Milestone with Debut Album

June 23, 2024 — Northern California’s own funk/rock visionaries, The Heard Eye, have made a triumphant debut with their inaugural album, Funkalypse. Released to college and non-commercial radio stations in April 2024, Funkalypse has swiftly climbed to the 180th position on the Top 200 college radio charts as of May 29, 2024, just one month after its initial radio release.

The album has been warmly embraced by nearly 100 college and non-commercial radio stations across the United States, with new stations continuing to add it to their rotations weekly. This enthusiastic reception is mirrored by Funkalypse’s impressive streaming performance, with tracks amassing over 200,000 streams on Spotify. Additionally, the band will be featured on Lobster’s Sunday Brunch, a renowned commercial FM radio show hosted by an industry legend.

Critics from around the world have hailed Funkalypse, with glowing reviews from music publications in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Germany’s Sonic Realms magazine described the album as “a storm brewing in the world of music,” highlighting the international acclaim The Heard Eye is garnering.

Originating as a self-financed, self-produced, and self-released project during the Covid lockdown, Funkalypse has grown into a rising star on the music scene. The Heard Eye’s commitment and vision have transformed their album into a global sensation.

The Heard Eye, hailing from Northern California’s North Bay Area, currently holds a monthly residency at the Big Easy in Petaluma, CA, and performs at various venues across the region. This summer, the band has been selected to headline the Fridays at the Hood Summer Concert Series in Santa Rosa, CA. This series supports the Play It Forward Foundation, which is dedicated to providing music education for local youth.

Fans can catch The Heard Eye live at Hood Mountain on Friday, August 9, at 7 PM. Tickets are available in advance on the event’s website.

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