FR: BMG mourns the passing of Claude Barzotti – 1953-2023

FR: BMG mourns the passing of Claude Barzotti - 1953-2023

Belgian singer and songwriter Claude Barzotti has died after a battle with cancer, aged 69.

The news was announced on Saturday, June 24 2023 by Barzotti’s manager who stated the singer was surrounded by his two daughters in his home located between Brussels and Charleroi in Belgium.

Known for his ballads and a string of popular hits in the 1980s, Claude Barzotti was beloved by many. His hits include songs such as ‘Madame’, ‘Prends Bien Soin d’Elle’, ‘Aime moi’, and the song which solidified him as a household name, ‘Le rital’.

Claude Barzotti was born in Châtelineau, Belgium and lived in Italy throughout his childhood until his return to Belgium aged 18. Barzotti began his career in music in 1981 in France with his successful debut song ‘Madame’. In the same year, Barzotti released ‘Le rital’ highlighting his Italian heritage and his childhood experiences. His career continued through the 1980s and beyond, and Barzotti remains one of France’s most prominent singers to this day owing to his instantly recognizable raspy voice and timeless songwriting.

BMG represents the rights to many of Barzotti’s biggest hits including albums Souvent je pense à vous madame and C’est moi qui pars, and songs ‘Le rital’, ‘Beau, j’s’rai jamais beau’, and ‘J’ai les bleus’.


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