Folk Sensation Ervin Munir To Release New Single ‘Pick Up The Phone’

Folk Sensation Ervin Munir To Release New Single 'Pick Up The Phone'

Ervin Munir, the folk singer-songwriter from Norfolk, is ready to ignite the music scene once again with his latest single, ‘Pick Up The Phone,’ scheduled for release on July 14th.

With a rapidly growing fanbase and an impressive track record of successful releases, Ervin has firmly established himself as a household name in the scene, mesmerising audiences both locally and globally with his heartfelt compositions, including the powerful ‘Why Did I Keep Moving On?,’ the emotive ‘Carolynn,’ and the recent delivery ‘Fall Part.’

True to his reputation as a boundary-pushing artist, Ervin fearlessly explores new territory with ‘Pick Up The Phone,’ seamlessly merging elements of pop and indie with his signature folk style. This captivating blend showcases Ervin’s artistic intuition. It also takes listeners on an exhilarating journey, appealing to his devoted folk fans and those seeking a fresh and stimulating new musical experience.

From the very first note, Ervin’s electrifying energy propels the track to soaring heights, enveloping listeners in a wave of irresistible melodies and tantalising vocal hooks. Renowned singer Tina Blaber also joins forces with Ervin, their combined vocal prowess synergising brilliantly.

‘Pick Up The Phone’ also features compelling and rhythmic drum sequences, fiddle solos that ignite an irrepressible urge to dance, and harmonious background vocals that enhance the already robust foundation!

So, prepare to be swept away by ‘Pick Up The Phone’ as it arrives on digital platforms and streaming services on July 14th!

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