Fox News Crew Attacked Outside The White House

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A Fox News camera crew came under attack last night whilst documenting protests which were taking place outside of The White House, chasing them and throwing objects at them.

In yet another example of appalling behaviour towards journalists, this time from the rioters themselves, journalism is once again threatened.

Earlier, a CNN news crew was wrongly arrested whilst live on air. The governor of Minnesota has since apologised unreservedly for that.

Fox News reporter Leland Vittert was reporting on the Washington DC protests in Lafayette Park, when his three-man crew was set upon by masked thugs.

The crew were assaulted and had their equipment broken as they fled from the situation.

In a video of the incident posted online by the Daily Caller, one woman is heard shouting; “Imagine what it’s like to be a black man, feeling like this every f***ing day” at the crew.

In Atlanta, CNN’s headquarters, the CNN Center came under attack by a large contingent of thugs, who smashed windows, set fire to vehicles and spray painted graffiti over the building – including the iconic CNN logo outside.

Those in Washington DC, like those in Atlanta, are not protesters.

They are a mob. They are thugs.

This kind of behaviour towards journalists and journalism is alarming, and not becoming of a modern American society.