World’s Media Descends on Melbourne for Djokovic Hearing

Novak Djokovic
[Image © Edwin Martinez]

The world’s media will be camped outside the Federal Circuit Court in Melbourne, Australia for the outcome of the Novak Djokovic appeal against deportation.

There is immense international interest and intreague as a court convenes to determine whether the Australian Government can deport Tennis star Novak Djokovic ahead of the Australian Open tournament.

Djokovic is currently the reigning tournament champion and arrived in the country last week to defend his title. However, it is understood that Djokovic is not vaccinated against Covid-19.

Australia operates a strict visa policy that all those entering the country must be vaccinated against the the disease, or have anti-bodies protecting them against carrying the virus into the country – something generally linked with those that have had the virus in the previous six months.

The case in favour of Djokovic is that he had Covid-19 in December, and therefore is exempt from requiring the vaccine as he has natural anti-bodies.

Over the weekend however, information came to light showing Djokovic in public around the time he is said to have been infected.

Djokovic isn’t the only Tennis star to have been caught up in Australia’s tough Covid-19 rules and restrictions, with Renata Voracova also having her visa cancelled by authorities for the same reason.

Russian star Natalia Vikhlyantseva is also not able to travel at all because the Russian Sputnik vaccine is not recognised in Australia.

The outcome of the case has considerable ramifications not only for sport, but also the enforcement of covid rules put in place by governments around the world.

Because of those reasons, along with the fact that it involves such a high profile star, means a global news event.

The world’s media will be live blogging, streaming and broadcasting every moment from outside the Federal Circuit Court in Melbourne throughout Monday, regardless of which way the decision goes.