Eva Dou joins Financial staff to cover tech policy

Eva Dou joins Financial staff to cover tech policy

Announcement from Business Editor Lori Montgomery, Deputy Business Editor Christina Passariello, Technology Policy Editor Mark Seibel and Deputy Technology Policy Editor Alexis Sobel Fitts:

We’re pleased to announce that Eva Dou is joining the Financial staff to cover tech policy, becoming the third member of a stellar team focused on developments in Washington, in courts and legislatures across the country, and in international capitals around the globe.

Eva comes to us from the International desk, where she worked for three years as a China correspondent focused on business and technology. She joined The Post in March 2020 and was quickly engulfed in coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, chronicling the effects of strict lockdowns on Chinese society. She led a deep look at the Wuhan laboratory suspected as the source of the virus and, as the pandemic eased, filed dispatches about the Beijing Winter Olympics, Sino-Russian relations and China’s faltering economy and tech industry.

Before coming to The Post, Eva spent seven years at the Wall Street Journal covering business and political news from Beijing and Taipei. Standout stories included an investigation into the use of forced labor from Xinjiang and an exploration of China’s surveillance technologies that was part of a 2018 Loeb Award-winning team project. A native of Detroit, Eva is a graduate of the University of Missouri, where she majored in economics and journalism. She speaks fluent Mandarin and is at work on a book about the mysterious family dynasty at the center of Huawei, whose technologies have helped enforce China’s growing police state.

Eva will be based in D.C. With her arrival, the formidable Cat Zakrzewski, who has dominated coverage of Washington’s clashes with the tech industry, will become our point person on tech policy at the White House while leading coverage of AI regulation and the legal and legislative battles over free speech online. The tenacious Cristiano Lima will expand his portfolio to include a new focus on privacy and kids’ online safety, a mounting debate with a growing fleet of stakeholders. Cristiano will continue to cover tech policy on the Hill and anchor the popular Technology 202 newsletter.

Please join us in congratulating all three reporters on their new roles — and in welcoming Eva to the D.C. newsroom. Her first day is today.

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