Ervin Munir To Release New Album, ‘Broken Compass’

Ervin Munir To Release New Album, ‘Broken Compass’

Ervin Munir, the Norfolk-based indie-folk singer-songwriter, is set to release his eagerly awaited album, ‘Broken Compass,’ on Friday, December 8th. This profound collection comprises ten tracks, four of which are being unveiled for the first time. The album also includes the highly-acclaimed singles, ‘Pick Up The Phone,’ ‘Carolynn,’ and ‘Fall Apart,’ and it invites listeners on a heartfelt voyage through Ervin’s distinctive songwriting.

In August 2022, Ervin collaborated with the esteemed producer Aeron Z Jones. Aeron’s multifaceted involvement in the project extends beyond production, as he adeptly performs bass, electric and lap steel guitar as well as the mandolin. Also, Ervin’s compelling vocals enhance each piece, complemented by his masterful command of acoustic guitar, harmonica, and piano.

Ervin Munir’s indie-folk roots shine through in every track on ‘Broken Compass.’ Also, the album is a poignant reflection on Ervin’s experiences over the past seven years, offering a mix of autobiographical tales and insightful observations about the world and relationships.

The album opens with ‘Fall From Grace,’ a piano-driven breakup ballad, setting the stage for the journey ahead. ‘Fall Apart’ follows as a poignant protest song featuring Aeron Z Jones’s soaring electric guitar solos. ‘She Never Made Old Bones’ pays tribute to those who departed too soon, including a touching verse dedicated to Ervin’s late wife, Dorothy.

‘Carolynn,’ recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, offers a unique perspective on depression. Meanwhile, the catchy and dynamic ‘Pick Up The Phone’ features Tina Blaber in a magnetic duet focusing on an argument. ‘I Can Write A Song’ narrates a chance encounter in a coffee shop, leading into the album’s title track, ‘Broken Compass,’ which delves into the profound influence of our past on our present experiences.

Inspired by a unique busking experience in Norfolk, ‘The Busker’ captures Ervin Munir’s journey. ‘Why Did I Keep Movin’ On’ explores how our past shapes our current behaviours. Lastly, the haunting finale, ‘Oh Why,’ delves into the complexities of betrayal in a relationship, leaving a lasting impact.

Ervin Munir shared his enthusiasm for the album, stating, “I am so proud of this project and all the hard work put into getting it just right for release into the world.” In recent months, Ervin has garnered tens of thousands of streams on Spotify, solidifying his loyal following. Also, fans can look forward to new singles arriving in 2024 and another album later in the same year.

‘Broken Compass’ by Ervin Munir is an introspective record that is not one to miss! It will be available to stream everywhere on Friday, December 8th.

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