Emilio Lanza embraced the moody future of pop while looking back in ‘Rearview Mirror’

Emilio Lanza embraced the moody future of pop while looking back in ‘Rearview Mirror’

After finding inspiration from his guitar idols, Ed Sheeran and James Bay, it wasn’t long until Emilio Lanza’s signature acoustic percussive fingerstyle guitars and evocative approach to pop song crafting were revered by them.

In his latest single, Rearview Mirror, the Napoli pop prodigy looked back on heartbreak and forward to a brighter future, inviting his listeners on the same journey towards a brighter perspective.

By darkening the 90s pop aesthetic to suit the mood of his release and incorporating the guitar style that has garnered him over 2 million Spotify streams, Lanza created a Tour De Force that sets the songwriting bar.

Rearview Mirror will be available to stream on all major platforms from the 25th of August.

Emilio Lanza said:

“My song, Rearview Mirror, is a metaphor representing our past, nightmares, breakups or scary thoughts; it can be anything, but the message is positive, as reflected by the cover art depicting a sunset ahead and struggles in the rearview mirror. I wrote the song following the end of a six-year love story and other life hardships.”

Amelia Vandergast, the Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“With acoustic percussive fingerpicked guitar motifs scattered amongst the dark and reverberant moody pop sensibilities, Rearview Mirror is a triumph of evocative ingenuity for the way the light melodicism juxtaposes the harsher elements to sonically allude to the rollercoaster you’re forced onto when distance becomes definitive disconnection.”

A&R Factory

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