ELECTRONIC ROCK ARTIST BLUE STAHLI COMPOSES ‘The Crew: Motorfest (Original Game Soundtrack)’

ELECTRONIC ROCK ARTIST BLUE STAHLI COMPOSES 'The Crew: Motorfest (Original Game Soundtrack)'

Genre-defying electronic rock music powerhouse Blue Stahli has created an original soundtrack for Ubisoft’s latest racing video game, The Crew: Motorfest. Featuring 24 out of 28 tracks by Blue Stahli, ‘The Crew: Motorfest (Original Game Soundtrack)’ is out today, September 8, 2023 preceding the highly anticipated car enthusiast game which arrives September 14.

Listen to ‘The Crew: Motorfest (Original Game Soundtrack)’ here:

Blue Stahli, known for his genre-blurring compositions and high-octane production style, has garnered a massive global following and underscored many horror and action films like Lights Out, Iron Man 3 and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, as well as video games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Dead Rising 2. The Crew: Motorfest invites players to immerse themselves in car culture and embark on thrilling driving experiences in a vibrant open world, located in O’ahu, Hawaii. For his game soundtrack, Blue Stahli is full on in his studio bag of tricks for music that is adventurous and heart-racing inspired by iconic 80’s games and modern day atmospherics.

Shares Blue Stahli, “Composing music for Ubisoft’s ‘The Crew: Motorfest’ has been an amazing and unexpected journey! While I’ve done a lot of music that’s been in games and trailers, this is the first time I’ve composed a full score to picture. I create music in what some consider to be a really unconventional way, doing absolutely everything in a tracker rather than a traditional DAW (I use the modern tracker Renoise). Doing this score feels like such a full circle moment, both because trackers have such a legacy with game music from the 80s and 90s, and also because I flashback to when I first started messing with electronic music in an old DOS tracker with 8bit sounds and dreaming about doing music for a living. I can’t believe this is real, and I am massively grateful to the team at Ubisoft!”

Tracklist for ‘The Crew: Motorfest (Original Game Soundtrack)’

  1. Look Alive!
  2. Speed Tribe
  3. Blistering
  5. Kapu*
  6. Control Freak
  7. Call 911
  8. Get Ready, Get Set, Let’s Go! featuring MARS
  9. Get Some Dough
  10. Dream Logic
  11. Talk Story*
  12. Heritage
  13. Nero
  14. Welina Mai
  15. Menu
  16. MotorFestive
  17. Rose-Tinted Glasses
  18. Birds of a Feather…
  19. Haole at Me*
  20. New Future Wave
  21. Live Fast Live Loud
  22. E ala ē
  23. Ho’oponopono
  24. Perfect Blue
  25. Freeway Jam featuring My Brightest Diamond
  26. Winner Takes It All
  27. Bombucha*
  28. Podium

*Denotes tracks by Ribongia.

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