Dive Into the Groove with Cody Chase’s Latest Remix of ‘Hustlin”

Dive Into the Groove with Cody Chase's Latest Remix of 'Hustlin''

The talented Producer and DJ Cody Chase returns with yet another unmissable release titled, ‘Cut Em Fat (Hustlin’ Rechase), adding his own Tech House flavour to Rick Ross’ hit track ‘Hustlin’’. As he offers listeners a fresh take on the classic, Cody Chase ensures his powerful signature style shines through, presenting a track energised by thumping beats, a driving bassline, and shuffled rhythms: a production that comes soon after the release of his Techno single, ‘Ellipsis’, Cody Chase is certainly keeping his drive and motivation high as he continues building an impressive release catalogue, adding another fresh and exciting track. 

With a reputation that has been steadily growing since he first stepped onto the Electronic Music scene, Cody Chase appears as a refreshing talent, unafraid to push both his own creative boundaries and the sounds of the genre. As he remains driven by his passion and enthusiasm for Electronic Music itself, providing a platform for the next rising stars with his label, Chasin’ Records, and his popular weekly radio show, ‘The Chase’, Cody Chase continues to make an impact.  

Inviting listeners on a thrilling sonic journey, ‘Cut Em Fat’ quickly propels into a soundscape detailed with powerful beats, a hypnotic bassline, and the catchy vocals of Rick Ross. As the track continues to drive forward, electrifying synth hits add to the captivating listening experience, with intoxicating risers soon joining to take the intensity one step further. A mix layered with a mighty low end and enthralling rhythmic textures, ‘Cut Em Fat’ brings groovy sound and dancefloor vibes, seamlessly incorporating the essence of Rick Ross’ original with the infectious signature style of Cody Chase. 

As he continues paving his way within Electronic Music, Cody Chase no doubt maintains his status as one of the most noteworthy talents to keep watching. As a high-quality talent when it comes to his creativity, make sure to stay up-to-date with Cody Chase by following him across social media, as this is certainly a Producer and DJ you don’t want to miss. ‘Cut Em Fat (Hustlin’ Cody Chase Remix)’ is out now and available to stream and download across platforms. 

Listen and download ‘Cut Em Fat (Hustlin’ Rechase)’ Now: 


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