S4C On Demand Service, S4C Clic Hits 100,000 Subscribers

S4C Clic

S4C‘s on demand service, S4C Clic has hit a landmark milestone, by gaining 100,000 subscribers in just over six months.

By developing its subscription service, S4C Clic had enabled the channel to communicate with viewers on a one to one basis and as a result, come to understand the needs of viewers better and provide a more comprehensive service.

Over the last few months, S4C has been adding to Clic and has transformed it from being a service where viewers used to go to catch up on programmes they had missed to a platform which offers exclusive content.

This includes boxsets, exclusive dramas, dedicated content for Welsh learners and for children and younger viewers.

S4C Chief Executive Owen Evans said: “This is all part of our work to personalise and extend our service. I want us as a channel to be able to communicate one to one with our audience and enable them to watch exactly what they want.”

In addition to having access to exclusive content, subscribers can also create profiles for the family, set up a personalised list of programmes and receive e-mails so they will be the first to hear about exciting developments or new programmes.

The subscription scheme was launched during the Urdd Eisteddfod at the end of May last year, and Mr Evans is surprised at how quickly S4C Clic reached 100,000 subscribers.

“We are thrilled that so many S4C viewers have subscribed to S4C Clic and the fact that we’ve reached 100,000 viewers in such a short time has been a big surprise – but very good news.

“These numbers show that S4C Clic is a place that people want to visit to watch S4C series and programmes.”

Mr Evans said that developing S4C Clic is an essential part of the channel’s digital strategy. “We will continue to develop Clic and offer our existing viewers and those who are new to the channel a service which is second to none,” said Mr Evans.