Election 2020: Washington Post Confirms Live Debate Streaming Coverage

The White House

The Washington Post has confirmed that it will broadcast live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates, beginning September 29th when Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are set to take the stage.

Powered by AT&T Business, The Washington Post will broadcast Tuesday’s debate live from Washington, D.C., and Cleveland, Ohio, starting at 8 PM E.T. Anchor Libby Casey will be joined by The Post’s well-sourced roster of political reporters, columnists and data experts to deliver their insights before, during and after the debate.

“As we head into the final stretch of an unprecedented presidential election cycle, The Washington Post is committed to delivering readers with world-class journalism and comprehensive coverage,” said Peter Wallsten, senior politics editor. “We are focused on providing readers with high-quality news and analysis from now until election day and beyond.”

In addition to live video programming, readers can find minute-by-minute news updates on The Post’s dedicated election page, including links to in-depth reporting, analysis and opinion on the 2020 presidential race. Post Opinions writers will also provide dynamic, real-time commentary and reaction to key debate moments.

Participating columnists include David Byler, E.J. Dionne, Charles Lane, Ruth Marcus, Megan McArdle, Michele Norris, Alexandra Petri, Molly Roberts and Eugene Robinson. Audio analysis and access to top convention insights will also be available from The Post’s premier lineup of podcasts, including Post Reports, The Daily 202 and Can He Do That?.

Readers can also start experiencing new election features now such as the live election blog, a guide on where the candidates stand on issues, “The Trailer” newsletter’s 2020 key swing states series and 2020 battleground state polls on The Washington Post’s website.